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For other usages, see Sigma
Ood Sigma
Also known as:
Race: Ood
Home Planet: Ood Sphere
Home Era: 42nd century
43rd century
Appearances: DW: Planet of the Ood
DW: The Waters of Mars
DW: The End of Time
Actor: Paul Kasey
Silas Carson (voice)

Σ (Sigma) was the personal Ood of Klineman Halpen, the manager of Ood Operations. This particular Ood could be identified with the large Greek letter "Sigma" (Σ) on the right side of his uniform.


Meeting the Doctor

In 4126, Sometime before Planet of the Ood the Ood brain managed to reconnect to Ood Sigma despite the fact his link had been severed through the translator orb. Sigma was then made a focus of the Brain's intelligence and mercy and also its representative in a sense. This allowed him to
Sigma calling the doctor. (DW: The Waters of Mars)
function as an individual and drug Haplen's hair tonic with Ood graft to transform him in to an Ood. For some time, Sigma had remained by Halpen's side while other Ood succumbed to Red Eye. As Sigma was already reconnected to the Ood Brain, he was immune to its rage and anger which subsequently infected the other Ood. He led the Doctor and Donna Noble to the room containing the Ood Brain.

There Sigma revealed to Halpen he had been dosing him with a liquid disguised as hair tonic while the Red Eye Ood had been 'contaminated' by the Ood Brain's anger, Sigma had become the focus of the brain's patience as he transformed Halpen. Sigma declared that the Ood would look after Halpen. As the Doctor and Donna departed, Sigma assured them that they would always be remembered as friends of Ood-kind, and would have a part in the song for as long as the Ood existed. (DW: Planet of the Ood)

The Doctor saw a vision of Sigma in 2059, shortly after the suicide of Adelaide Brooke. (DW: The Waters of Mars)

In 4226, The vision was actually Sigma trying to summon the Doctor from the 43rd century. When the Doctor responded to his message and arrived, Sigma seemed very impatient especially that The Doctor took so long he even seemed not to be bothered talking to him, Sigma told the Doctor that it took them 100 years to build Ood Sphere better, Sigma took him to the Ood Elder to try and warn him of the impending danger. When the Ood held hands Sigma did not. When the Elder foretold the end of time, the Doctor left abruptly. After the events that led to the Doctor and The Master saving the universe from Rassilon, the Doctor bid farewell to all of his companions. Just before the Doctor returned to the TARDIS, Ood Sigma appeared and and told him that the universe would sing him to his rest, and that while his song was ending, his story was eternal. The Ood all join together in song as the Doctor stumbled into the TARDIS to regenerate into the Eleventh Doctor. (DW: The End of Time)

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